Shugo Chara Doki 59

Posted on: 22 November 2008

Shugo Chara Doki 59 is out! This episode is Utau-centric which makes me very happy! Enjoy it!

Subtitles (.ass) torrent | Sendspace
HD 1280×720 Matroska (.mkv)
SD 640×360 DivX (.avi)

See you next week!


48 Responses to "Shugo Chara Doki 59"

Thanks Again!

What a nice episode, arigato. ^_^

It’s scary how fast you guys are…thanks!

been waiting for this..

Thanks so much for the great quality, fast subs! :D

Yay another Episode :3 !

thank you for your great work <3 .

Thank you so much! I love you guys~!! ♥

Thank you so much for ur hard and fast work XD
cant wait for the bext episode


Oh snap, you avi subtitles are cuter looking than the mkv subtitles!! Anyway, I love your subtitles so much that I don’t mind downloading both videos and seeding them!!

WOW! Great job! I’m so glad I finally found the website! I was a former CHibi Fansubs girl, but recently I’ve been wondering whose been doing those fast subs! Well, for now on, you’re stuck with me! >_< And hopefully you aren’t as constipated as CHIBI FANSUBS is.

Me? Constipated?


good. those guys are waaaay to tight! keep translating~~~ arigato~~

Thanks for subbing this!

Glad Utau gets some spotlight, I’ve liked her a lot more now that she’s not working with Easter ^__^

Lol. I like when Utau is all genki-mood. xD It’s so fuuny. :P

Wow, it kinda scares me that you guys go so fast. Chibi fansubs is yet to release their version of 59, but it’s not like it’s a competition or anything.

Thanks guys so much! i haven’t been able to see 59 yet because i was wait at Chibi sub’s and they havent even done 58 yet, im now watching everything here since you guys are fast and great ^^ xP

@Etchi: Uh… you know, there was a REASON why you were suspended from Chibi….. just saying…..

I think you guys are really great subbing shugo chara and leaving a note on how you guys aren’t competing with chibi fansubs.
Just wanted to wish you luck, and I hope you have fun with your little bundle of joy Etchi.

^_^ Thanks for subbing.

*waits for chibi to sub*

Nana Mizuki… That’s your name?

OMG I luv you all for subbing so fast! do you release the AVI first? because if you do keep doing it!!! I can finally catch up. So, why is the cute writing you did with Hatsuyuki so small on episode 58? Can you make it bigger? and also are you all seperate Hatsuyuki and you?

Yes, I am Nana Mizuki and I sub Shugo Chara.

Are you guys Japanese? Sorry, just wondering! ^_^

I’m learning Japanese at school as it’s way better than french or German and Japanese is soooo hard! i’m not continuing next year tho :( I have to work on my maths and ascience.

Anwyays thanks for the subs, love them, you guys are so fast. :) <3

I am not Japanese. The language is indeed a big challenge. It took me almost twice as long to get to the same level as I did with German. Taking classes wasn’t enough; I had to go to Japan and start translating stuff, and even then it still took years to get to this level, which is really not that great, but works for subtitling anime at least.

I think its good! I mean, you can understand what they’re saying! I would love to be able to understand anime and not need subtitles! So much easier cos it takes a week or two for some subbers to sub the thingo! Not for you guys, tho! You are like so fast! ^^

:) yuppers. They rock. My school does a Japan trip; I’m applying next year. Sooo expensive though!!!!!!! >_<

I’m not Japanese either, for the record.

im not! im trying to learn japanese but in my spare time i just watch anime an draw…

if you are not japanese you are not Mizuki nana. and also why did you all ignore my questions!

jeez, tone it down. too hostile.

ooh. im changing from Etchi to Malice in Wonderland!!! bye

Sorry for triple-posting!!!!! -_-‘
Happy thanksgiving!
I’m thankful for anime and the people who sub it!!!!

And I am thankful for anime and the people who watch it.

when is shugo chara 60 gonna be out?
is it out yet? are you subbing it or..?

sorry it may seem rude but im only curious >_<

Shugo Chara airs, I believe, Saturday mornings in Japan. That’s Friday afternoon for those in the US. The raw is usually out by Friday evening, and I start working on it then. Then we release our translation by Saturday evening.

koolio! so are you up-to-date on the episodes? like, you sub the one that has just aired?

btw, I love the animated Ikuto dodging Utau!!! So Kawaii~~~

Malice: That’s right. The episode that airs today will be released tomorrow by us.

@Malice: Oh yeah, that thing is awsome! I added it to my small collection of Shugo Chara! animations.

It was all Utau (from this group)’s idea and was made by her. I, too, was impressed. It’s the perfect little decoration for our blog.

I love the ikuto dodging utau thing!

I live in Australia, so does that mean i will have to wait till the 30th of november for the shugo chara thing? >_<

hows 60 coming??

nice episodes!!

i wanna change my icon.


is it coming out tonite? *pretty please with shojo manga eyes on top~*


Be patient :)

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