Shugo Chara Doki 60

Posted on: 29 November 2008

Shugo Chara Doki 60 is here! This episode has a focus on Amu’s classmates.

The Shugo Chara in the preview for episode 61, Kiran, is the winner of the Design Your Own Shugo Chara contest that took place in Japan recently.


Subtitles (.ass) torrent | Sendspace
HD 1280×720 Matroska (.mkv)
SD 640×360 DivX (.avi)

See you next week!


24 Responses to "Shugo Chara Doki 60"

You all are incredible! Thanks for such great and speedy work! : D

Faster! *whip* *crack!*

DOODS !! How do you sub so fast Dx?

Wow, you guys are really fast! I just wish the download was faster T^T

You can all watch it on :)

what episode is that in your moving thingy photo where utau wants to hug ikuto? XD

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *does the Shugo Chara!! Doki dance*

hmmmm… who’s Kiran-chan? and what’s this about a contest??? i had a dream about that~~~

oh! i would have LOVED to design my own shugo chara! I already have designed three of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very fast. Good work. ^_^

*converts the files to Xvid*

@ Kyneth – episode 41 :)

Hey– I know you! You used to be on CHibI, right?

First, thanks for the release!

@Malice: You’ve desinged 3 charas? Interesting. I’m the owner of the only non-canon shugo chara! roleplay guild on neopets. xD I can’t believe I’m 13 and still go on there. lol.

wow. immature. JK! i used to do neopets.

Wow you guys are So fast <3 !

Thank you very much for the episode ,,

Keep up the great work : )

@aquachan: what does non-canon mean?

I am still with Chibi. Good quality video and subs. ^_^ But I like suspeedia for it’s very fast subbing and great quality video. ^_^

@Kuroneko007: It means it’s in the same universe, but different characters + romance.

when ‘s 61 ?

Hmm. If we were going to be doing this for longer (I’m assuming Crunchyroll is going to take over in January) then I would want to put a schedule up so people could visualize it in their timezone.

Copied and pasted from an earlier comment:

Shugo Chara airs, I believe, Saturday mornings in Japan. That’s Friday afternoon for those in the US. The raw is usually out by Friday evening, and I start working on it then. Then we release our translation by Saturday evening.

Thank you for you hard work =D

Hmm…So this is what miss mimi was talking about?
It’s not that bad? Hmm… I shall enter with caution and soar the skies above remaining vigilant as usual.

Crunchyroll will do it? Interesting.

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