Shugo Chara Doki 61

Posted on: 6 December 2008

An early release of the HD raw combined with especially easy-to-translate dialogue this time results in an early Suspeedia release! Enjoy! And remember to make everyone’s life sparkly!

Subtitles (.ass) torrent | Sendspace
HD 1280×720 Matroska (.mkv)
SD 640×360 DivX (.avi)

See you next week!


40 Responses to "Shugo Chara Doki 61"

Yay~ Thank you for subbing it so quickly~

WOW so fast I’m amazed, keep up the good work

Oh wow ._. so fast. ilu guys

Yay! *Jumps up and down*
But I’ll have to watch it later. :(

is it on Veoh yet?

Thax for Subbing so quickly:)


are your releases in high quality???

bcoz ur very fast in releasing….

Yeah! Thx alot!

RenaShinku: If you mean the video quality, the “HD” version is just our subs muxed with the HD raw. So it should have the same quality as the raw. If you mean my translation, I do my best! :)

Hey um this is my first time coming to this site and I’m trying to watch the vid but it won’t let me…Do you have any suggestions or maybe I could beg you to put it on veoh…

*gets on knees and starts groveling*

I can’t watch it, can somebody upload it on veoh, please?

Psst maybe if you grovel like me it’ll get uploaded to veoh…

*grovels some more*

All: If you’re using Windows, have you tried installing the CCCP ( This should let you see anime in Windows Media Player, etc.

I’m not allowed to install things without my dad’s permission. And he’s at work for another hour and a half. *cry*

Thank you so much :D!

Are you kidding me? I came here just to check that you guys haven’t released this yet. Miracle workers…amazing :)

@Maliceinwonderland: Just be patient =_=
@Aphrodite: I feel your pain, I’m not allowed to install anything without dad’s permission either.

It’s on Veoh. :3 You just gotta search a little harder.

rofl I promise that’s not spam or anything weird. & sorry if I’m not supposed to post Veoh links!

Oh duh also.

ILYmuch and THANK YOU!! <3

Erm…Can i ask a question?i heard that Crunchyroll is going to ban fansubs or something…they are not going to accept fansubs from 3 January onwards…Will all of you in suspeedia still sub Shugo Chara Doki even though this has happen???Thanks for the episode too!!!

and thanks for subbing episode 61 so quickly!!!!

First of all, thank you very much for subbing Shugo Chara Doki. I was somewhat worried when Chibi Fansubs suddenly stopped updating their page about one month ago.

The real reason behind this comment is your RSS feed, though. I think it should be “” – note the added ‘atom/’ – instead of “”; just thought you might want to know. ^_-

Sarah: Our stance on the Crunchyroll thing is that if they show Shugo Chara right after it airs with English subtitles as they announced, then we will close down (since we will be redundant). However, if there was some error in the announcement and they are not actually going to show Shugo Chara with English subtitles right after it airs, then we will have to reevaluate the situation.

Eijhu: That’s weird. Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure how to change that, since this is more or less a vanilla WordPress blog. Do you know where to find it in the WordPress settings?

just wanted to say thanks! i love how fast you are.

about the crunchyroll thing, it’s my understanding that those who purchase the anime membership will have access to the episode right after it airs or at least the same day it airs in high quality. everyone else will have to wait a week (aka seven days later) before they can watch it for free. i also believe that there will be subtitles.

i hope this clarifies things and will help you make a decision. either way, thanks for doing these episodes. :)

silvermoon: Oh, that sounds like a good system. Well, I’ll definitely be signing up for that, and I hope everyone else here does the same. Obviously we can’t release subtitles against a system like that, since it would be robbing the people who made Shugo Chara of money. Although I don’t believe in money, maybe they do, and I don’t want to be rude to them. I look forward to seeing how good the subtitles are.

I’m not going to pay for anime!
Thanks to whoever uploaded it on veoh!
For some reason on my mac clicking those links doesn’t work.

Just amazed that everyone in suspeedia can subbed an episode fast…Maybe you all could continue subbing even though Crunchyroll is going to ban subs…everyone couldn’t wait to watch an episode after it releases…and some of us are students..we don’t have the money to purchase the membership…i just hope suspeedia could continue subbing even though CR is banning subs..:)Thanks for all the episodes!!!

Wait!? Crunchyroll is going to ban subs?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great ep.! I can’t wait for the next one!!!!!!

@ Sarah – I would personally love to continue subbing Doki; I dislike streaming sites and the thought of having to pay to watch something streamed annoys me. We’ll have to see how this is actually going to work before we decide, though. Like Ikuto said, we don’t want to cause the Shugo Chara people to lose money. And if their subs are good and we become redundant…continuing would seem silly, even if the alternative is paying/waiting. :/

Thank you everyone for all your support. ♥

Thank you very much for subbing Shugo Chara~!! =3

Whoever put it on veoh I luff you!

Thank you very much for continuing to sub Shugo Chara.

You guys are the best. :)

I would love to watch from download than from steaming!

So continued sub even thou crunchyroll air right after it

Thank you so much <3

Download from torrent is the best quality, so please don’t stop subbing it.


Wonderful. Amazing and fast. Keep it up!

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