Shugo Chara Doki 63 and farewell

Posted on: 20 December 2008

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HD 1280×720 Matroska (.mkv)
SD 640×360 DivX (.avi)

Development for Lulu indeed. She’s a tsundere with a mother complex, but it looks like Amu has made some progress with her.

Unfortunately, I will be traveling next week, so this will be our last episode of Shugo Chara. Please check crunchyroll in the new year for your Shugo Chara fix. I’ve heard the subs are free a week after the episode airs and that there’s a high quality download the day after it airs if you want to pay. I understand that this is not the best arrangement for everyone, but, as they say, shou ga nai.

Thank you very much for supporting us in the brief period we were fortunate enough to sub this show.


46 Responses to "Shugo Chara Doki 63 and farewell"

Two questions:

1. Does this mean that you will no longer be releasing Shugo Chara?

2. Crunchyroll start sreaming Shugo Chara next week? I thought it was next year

1. Yes.

2. I believe the date is 8 January.

thanks Suspeedia for providing with hours of enjoyment!

I hope someone will do ep 64 since it’s in between the transition before CR starts taking over. i guess 64 may go undone.

thanks again!

Your last one? Aaw :(

So if crunchyroll is now subbing, I guess that means that the subbed versions will also be unavailable on youtube, unless there’s somebody planning to do that or Chibi wants to continue for that reason.

Just wondering, any chance you may pick up a new anime, or will suspeedia stop completely now?

:'( Thanks so much for subbing SC! even if it was for a short time! :D

What miyetta said. Thanks. ^^

But won’t there be like… 2 or 3 episodes that’ll go unsubbed? T__T
Oh well, thanks for subbing though.

thanks for have made our live sparkle ^_^

O_O! it looks like amuto bed scene will be showed next episode! T-T

That sucks guys but still thanks for the subs as they lasted!

Aww, that sucks! I’ve loved how fast you guys could sub; I always saved the newest episode for Monday after a hard day of classes, this always made my day.

Anyway, I’m glad you did it as long as you did. We’ll miss you!

Happy holidays and Happy New Year too!

nooo now i have to wait on the scammers of CR T.T …. thank you for doing a wounderful job on subbing shugo chara doki!!!!

happy traveling and merry christmas!!!

cheers :)


my world practically ended when i saw u weren’t subbing it!!!

Well, good luck for your traveling, I guess!

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..This can’t be!!!
But I respect your decision…Real Thanks for subbing Shugo Chara and Bon voyage…!!!!

*watches the “things that will happen next episode” bit*

wait…. ikuto and amu in the same bed? finaly no more filler next episode?!?!?!?!?!?! o.O

SO wait. Who will be subbing it now? And is it true that you would have to pay to see subbed episodes? I don’t like this at all! Well, thanks for subbing!

Another fansub group dropped this anime… -.-
But thanks so all subbing :D

Merry christmas!

Thanks so much for continuing this far and Merry Christmas to the Suspeedia staff.

It’s quite saddening that this is the end, I suppose all good things do end.

Thank you very much for subbing this series this far~!!
I hope you all have a Happy Merry Christmas~!! >w<

so u will never sub shugo chara again? or is this just a break? and crunchyroll members will sub it or the person who runs crunchyroll? U GUYS WERE GREAT!

Ah, a trip hmm? Abandoning us for something so frivolous? Pah! Oh well, we all appreciate the hard work you’ve all put in! Thanks~! m(_ _)m

But seriously, aren’t there more episodes left before CR starts streaming?

DmonHiro: Yes.


ok, nice with the subs, fast en good :D thank you
but just a question, crunchyroll starts on 8 january, can’t you subb episode 64&65? because they don’t do it, and then we have 2 unsubbed versions :o and specially the next one :o
I appreciate all your work, but can’t you sub the latest 2 episodes?

About crunchyroll thing… They said that a professional will be doing translating and also they will release older episodes on the current show they are showing which means that if nobody is going to sub those 2 episodes that are left till january 8 then we would be able to watch them on crunchyroll… ;)

Bah. I say pooh to Crunchyroll! I refuse to pay for anime that I’m not buying a DVD of. I donate to subbers, because they deserve it, but I’m not paying for the anime. I know, I know, I can get it for free a week after, but Crunchyroll’s quality is um, crap. Plus, I want to be able to watch my anime anywhere my laptop go, regardless if I have internet or not.

Aww man, thanks for subbing it anyways for that brief period of time that you were able to sub. Crunchyroll subs are like crap and its not pink colour. xD But, still.. BOOHOOO!!


T-T Thanks so much for subbing Shugo Chara! I love your subs. It’s so fast. And for Crunchyroll, i heard that we need to wait for a week for the subbed episodes if we didn’t purchase the Anime Membership. That sucks. ><

and we have to wait like 7 days before it aris if we don’t buy this thing man it’s always money money…but thank you for ur all the hard work

WHHHY!!!!!???? I ‘m gonna miss you guyz subbing. Thanks for being here for as long as you were. aww that means no more sub on veoh. :p

As the situation for this moment is:

Week 1
This week, ep 64 will be aired
-suspeedia stopped
-Chibi is stalling

Week 2
No ep will be aired, because other ppl also want a vacation
-(8 jan) CR subbers will start subbing for money in extremely HQ, with awesome trans. 1 hour after the ep aired

Week 3
Ep 65 (no title yet) will be aired
the LQ of the CR subbers will be free, 1 week after it aired
Kids with nice/rich parents will get the HQ

1. If don’t watch RAW’s , your 3 weeks without SC
2. At, they got new manga-translators, with an awesome speed, starting from vol. 7
3. At CR is gonna be a huge overload of spoilers, so watch out!

I hope this gonna clear this up a bit, and makes you think about the situation that is creating here.

thankks for all your hard work!!! :D

NOOOOOOO!!!!! *cry* big meanies, yours were the best as well, not saying much there aren’t any more subbers, but they wer still the best. Now what….

Dear Suspeedia,

PLEASE DO NOT STOP SUBBING SHUGO CHARA DOKI! I am really strating to hate anime because anytime i find a great anime to watch and someone starts to sub it, they dont finish the series! So me who cannot understand english gets screwed lol!PLease dont stop subbing! go ahead and travel take a vaca! but come BAACCKKK!!! You GUYS ARE THE BEST SUBBERS EVER!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU 4 ALL THE SUBS BUT DONT STOP! I think i speak for everyone when i say Arigato & Dont GO!!!
Thanks and please email me if you want!


So not FAIR! This is a major problem for english fangirls! That means we wont be able to see the big amuto ikuto sleeping in amu’s bed scene! NONONONONONONONO! And i will not pay money just to SEE my favourite anime! And i will definatly not wait a week to see it!

Aww… why leave? Well, thanks for subbing anyway, even if it was for a short while. *sniffs*

Hmm… maybe I should learn Japanese…..

nooooooooooooooooooooo….pleaseeeeeeee don’t leave this series…. cryyyyyyyyyyyyy:,,,,, thanks for the great job!!!

Oh no, the concept of having to PAY MONEY for something is too much? Do you realize that every person in Japan is paying to watch this show? That every episode we download without paying is taking money right out of the pockets of the producers and PEACH-PIT themselves?

Downloading anime is STEALING. If you aren’t paying for it in a legal way, you’re stealing it.

The anime economy is suffering in part because of fans having that mentality. Anime is and never was meant to be free like this. It’s like downloading movies and music without paying for it. Or walking into your local video store and just taking a DVD off the shelf without paying.

awww…dont go! but thanx 4 subbing neways! yall r awesome! arigato. but that means we ppl who dont no japanese have 2 wait 4 2 weeks for ep 64 and 65 to show w/ subs *despair* hope yall have an awesome time…wherever u r going! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Thanks for subbing! It was really nice, and you guys did it pretty quick. I hope you guys have a Happy New Year, and thank you again!

Y-You’re L-Leaving? WAHH! So sad. T.T
You guys are, like, the bestest, fastest subbers ever!
I do appreciate the eps you have subbed of Shugo. So…

Thank you!


Miss you lots!


I won’t just miss the episodes- if that’s what you thought- but you too! :(

I hate how CR is becoming! It’s ruining fansubbers!! >:-( Thanks for subbing anyway… plus, Chibi also stopped subbing, so we’ll have to wait for CR’s release. But, I think Hatsyuki(i think that’s how it’s spelled) is subbing 64.

some subbers willl definitely sub but need wait

Aw..Are you really stopping..for good?
We have Episodes that aren’t even subbed and CR will start on Jan.Its not even Jan. Yet…As for a kid like me,I’m poor as heck…i really enjoyed your and my friends would always talk about it at first,i thought chibi was awesomer heh..but then after you subbed a few more times i thought you guys were cool too.CR is just getting worse,why does everything have to be with money!Money this,money that…its annoying…I really had a strong feeling that you guys would keep up until Jan.8…but stopping now..?I thought you wouldn’t..i thought that your limit would be until Jan 8.But i guess not..well,Enjoy your life.I’ll Miss you guys,a lot.<3
I have one question…Will you ever come back?

If you believe this… then why are you here? Why even look for a fan group?

I want to buy the subbed series (if the subs are good, translation and quality) in a local dvd store, not through internet. (if the prices are fair.) ONE: because I don’t trust CR. Two: is because normal CR pricing too much. THREE: I hate shopping online.

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