Posted on: 31 December 2008

Hello everyone, I noticed the questions in the episode 63 post were really piling up, so I decided a clarification post was in order. If you are curious about why we decided to stop when we did and whether or not we are going to sub Shugo Chara ever again, read on.

We stopped at episode 63 because Crunchyroll begins posting subbed episodes before Ikuto returns from his trip. By the time we would be able to release the next episode, Crunchyroll will have released its first episode.

Concerning whether or not we will continue subbing after Ikuto returns from his trip, I’m afraid that’s a no. Us continuing to subtitle Shugo Chara after Crunchyroll has started would be redundant and rude. 63 is our last episode.

As for why I couldn’t do it myself: I’m not the main translator!

I am still unsure of how Crunchyroll is going to release Shugo Chara and how this is going to affect the next few episodes. I do feel bad we had to stop when we did and possibly leave a sub gap. Even though I’m not the main translator, I have a good enough of an understanding of Japanese to post a decently detailed summary of the unsubbed episode(s) here until Crunchyroll officially takes over. If you’re interested in this, please leave a comment so I will know whether it’ll be useful or not. It’s not a replacement, but it should help you follow along.

I’d also like to thank everyone who supported us, even when we said we were stopping. It makes us happy that you liked us as well as our subtitles.

Lastly, happy holidays and happy new year! :)


37 Responses to "Clarification"

Wow…That would be great..!!! Thanks…School is starting soon here and I’m going to be very busy and I can’t watch Shugo Chara much..At least I can be updated with the summaries…Thanks again! Utau…:)

happy new year for ya too
i´d like to read your summaries =x

Yeap I hope to read summaries XD The more the better:D

hey, i love the summary idea, but i dont quite understand what crunchyroll is doing. maybe im misreading it, but is the “trip” ikuto goes on is a separate thing that they’re doing…? im kinda confused.

yeah a summary would be really helpful

Such a shame. :( Chibi Fansubs has stalled and might stop… Hopefully the summaries help! Thanks for being such a great subber!


@ Len – Haha no, we have nothing to do with Crunchyroll. He’s just visiting some friends.

didnt crunchyroll remove all the shugo chara episodes on their pages for it… i looked and couldnt find one episode… im really sad because i wanna see what happened next…

btw the summary idea is a good one

lauren – It looks like they’re still on Veoh. Can you watch them there?

It seems like the summary idea has been unanimously received as a good one; I’ll post one up ASAP. Thanks for the responses. :)

Thanks! XD!

It’s true that CrunchyRoll is streaming it and we are going to watch it subbed right away ..

But for me , I still want to download the subbed shugo chara episodes , and I’m sure there are many other people who want to ..

Because I download Shugo Chara episodes and burn them on CDs to watch them any time I want ..

But if u don’t release subbed episodes, then we won’t be able to download them ..

I know that crunchy provides high quality download but u have to PAY to download them ..

And not all people can do that ..

I really want u to sub shugo chara again .. =(

at this rate if crunchy streams all animes then we won’t be able to download them anymore !


Suddenly a small light came out of nowere and gave us ep 64.
This really proves CR’s golden rule: There is always another fansub group to pick up!
Anyway, just enjoy it, the subs are sometimes off-base, the quality is low, but it is better than nothing…

@ Yume – Don’t worry, there’s always someone who’ll rip the video and put it up for download.

@ Smart Kid – Hmm, perhaps I won’t have to post a summary after all.

Well…I just watched the subbed episode, and apart from the severe grammatical, spelling, and timing errors, the translation was actually decent. If you guys can understand the main points even with the errors, my synopsis will be unnecessary.

They really did butcher the preview text, though. The last two lines weren’t translated, they are:

Suu: Amu, your mom is calling for you!
Amu: Oh no! I have to hide Ikuto!

Thanks Utau…But I hope that you can put synopsis here for us to see…We don’t really know whether dotsub will continue subbing..Just in case they are not subbing,your synopsis can help us too…Thanks again..!!!

If it’s too much to ask, if it’s possible instead of summaries why not just a script instead and no I am not talking about a .ass file what I mean is to write ala theatre script style example:
Amu: My own heart, Unlock!
Ikuto: Eh?!?

Just like a lot of other people I too burn most of my anime, this way I can download the raw then make completely shitty subs using windows movie maker and burn it for later re-watches.

Oh and I forgot to mention when I meant shitty, I meant no karaoke, no fancy fonts, most likely a few timing errors and the likes.

Utau… yes the ones one veoh are still watchable thats where i watched them all until the uploader ran out of them…

I already knew why you were stopping, but I don’t get why you are stopping at episode 63, seeing as 65 will be the first episode on CR.

So they’re finally sticking to the story now? No more Lulu? I hope so.

“Kyaaah Ikuto!!!” (>_<)

I have been reading translated scans of the manga online.

@ 13 – That would require actual translations on my part, but if need be I can attempt it.

@ DmonHiro – Because Ikuto went on his trip, and 64 aired while he was still away from a computer. By the time he gets back, Crunchyroll will be Shugo Chara’s legal owner. Bad timing, basically.

@ Malice – I think Lulu’ll be around as an antagonist until she realizes what she’s doing isn’t what she really wants and quits Easter. I think when that happens, they’ll get back to the plot. I hope, anyway…

@utau : then could u please provide us with the place I can find the episodes to download ?

Because I don’t really know any ._.

@ Yume – I always use for my downloads. If you can use torrents, I think it’s the best site possible.

I rarely direct download any anime, so I’m not familiar with any sites that provide that.

all this going on is real interesting… but i’d rather just fastfoward time and see how it ends up…i’d really just like to see how everything turns out to be in the end… this is really a nip in the bud…

i just visited crunchyroll and they started with the very first episode -.- i thought they would continue the ep´s

The official subs start being uploaded on the 8th, so these are probably just reuploads of fansubs.

For what’s happening with Crunchyroll (CR). NEW episodes of Shugo Chara! Doki! will begin streaming on the 8th, an hour after the Japanese broadcast if you purchase the membership (fairly priced). If you do not, they will be available one week after airing for free with an ad at the beginning of the episode. Like a commercial.

Currently CR is updating old episodes so that the entire series will be available. These are NOT fansubs. ALL fansubs were removed from CR. These are legal and official.

BY WATCHING THE STREAMS ON CRUNCHYROLL YOU ARE SUPPORTING THE CREATORS, PEACH-PIT, TO HELP THEM BRING YOU MORE THINGS. Drawing manga and all the people involved in creating the anime… it’s their job, it’s how they survive, eat, pay their bills… by watching these free, legal subs you’re letting them know you love Shugo Chara! and support their work!

ooooo-kay .

Whoa.And another Episode 64 pops up.I think its the veoh one :O
Its kewl though.
I havent watched all of it yet,so hoping its good.
They have the karaoke :DD

Erm…. Crunchyroll is using those episodes to earn money, can ikuto subbing the episodes ? I hope to get the answers Yes! (^_^)

I mean if you wanna show the episode asap you need to buy the anime membership!

That would be great!!

Hatsuyuki also released episode 64 and as things look now, they might keep on subbing SCD if people want them to or if CR screws up badly.

I really like the summary idea. But there is no way u will continue with shugo chara?? That’s really a shame. Because until now, I have no idea what crunchyroll is doing. Shugo Chara episodes are unavailable from 13 onwards.

Ugh! I forgot that I can’t watch it w/o memership!

7 more hours until CrunchyRolls FREE AND LEGAL stream of Shugo Chara 65 is available!

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