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Hello everyone, I noticed the questions in the episode 63 post were really piling up, so I decided a clarification post was in order. If you are curious about why we decided to stop when we did and whether or not we are going to sub Shugo Chara ever again, read on.

We stopped at episode 63 because Crunchyroll begins posting subbed episodes before Ikuto returns from his trip. By the time we would be able to release the next episode, Crunchyroll will have released its first episode.

Concerning whether or not we will continue subbing after Ikuto returns from his trip, I’m afraid that’s a no. Us continuing to subtitle Shugo Chara after Crunchyroll has started would be redundant and rude. 63 is our last episode.

As for why I couldn’t do it myself: I’m not the main translator!

I am still unsure of how Crunchyroll is going to release Shugo Chara and how this is going to affect the next few episodes. I do feel bad we had to stop when we did and possibly leave a sub gap. Even though I’m not the main translator, I have a good enough of an understanding of Japanese to post a decently detailed summary of the unsubbed episode(s) here until Crunchyroll officially takes over. If you’re interested in this, please leave a comment so I will know whether it’ll be useful or not. It’s not a replacement, but it should help you follow along.

I’d also like to thank everyone who supported us, even when we said we were stopping. It makes us happy that you liked us as well as our subtitles.

Lastly, happy holidays and happy new year! :)


A Note

Posted on: 10 November 2008

Hello there, this is just a small announcement to clear up any confusion anyone may have about our project.

We are not jointing with anyone for this project, and groups who encode our subs are not a part of our group, nor are we a part of theirs.
We do appreciate others encoding our subs for those who have a hard time using .ass, though.

Thank you.

Hello and welcome to Suspeedia Subs! We, Ikuto and Utau, plan to sub Shugo Chara!! Doki. We are not affiliated with Chibi Fansubs nor do we wish to insult them by subbing Shugo Chara. We appreciate their hard work and consistent releases after Formula stopped subbing Shugo Chara.

We plan to release subs in .ass format. With every release, we will state what raw the .ass is timed to. If you do not know how to use the .ass format, please refer to the top of this page for tutorials for both Windows and Macs.

Expect our first release soon!