A Note

Posted on: 10 November 2008

Hello there, this is just a small announcement to clear up any confusion anyone may have about our project.

We are not jointing with anyone for this project, and groups who encode our subs are not a part of our group, nor are we a part of theirs.
We do appreciate others encoding our subs for those who have a hard time using .ass, though.

Thank you.


Here’s episode 57! It’s timed to the HD Zero-Raws raw, which can be found at Tokyo Tosho.

Torrent | Sendspace

This ep has some pretty hilarious moments; it’s one of my favorites and it doesn’t even have Utau in it! Hope you all enjoy it too.

Make sure to check back around this time next week for episode 58!

All timed to the HD Zero-Raws! (Check Tokyo Tosho for those.)

Episode 54: Torrent or Rapidshare
Sources say Lulu’s name is actually Luluton Morselle, so that’s what I went with. Time will tell whether my information was accurate.

Episode 55: Torrent or Rapidshare or SD raw-timed at Sendspace (thanks ElderKain!)
Great ep for Utau fans like Utau. Of course, every episode of Shugo Chara is great in some way.

Episode 56: Torrent or Rapidshare
The kid’s dream reminds me of mine when I was a kid. The book guy’s speech reminds me of experiences I’ve had that have defined my adult life thus far. Characters in this show seem to be of indeterminate age, but I don’t mind, because it’s always done for good reason.

Don’t forget to check out Utau’s tutorials (linked at the top of this page) if you need help applying these subtitle files to the raws. It’s not a big deal.


And be sure to check back Sunday, when we’ll be releasing Episode 57.

Hello and welcome to Suspeedia Subs! We, Ikuto and Utau, plan to sub Shugo Chara!! Doki. We are not affiliated with Chibi Fansubs nor do we wish to insult them by subbing Shugo Chara. We appreciate their hard work and consistent releases after Formula stopped subbing Shugo Chara.

We plan to release subs in .ass format. With every release, we will state what raw the .ass is timed to. If you do not know how to use the .ass format, please refer to the top of this page for tutorials for both Windows and Macs.

Expect our first release soon!