Soft subs tutorial [Mac]

This tutorial will teach you how to mux an .ass file onto a separate video file on a Mac.
(This tutorial also works on a Windows machine, just download the Windows version of mkvtoolnix here and follow the steps below accordingly)

First, you need to download the mkvtoolnix package. You can download this here.
After installing, open the program called MkvMerge.

Click the ‘add’ button, and search your computer for the raw Shugo Chara file. Select it and press OK. Press add again and search your computer for the .ass file. It should look something like this.

At the bottom of the screen, choose a different filename for the file.

Next, press the ‘Start muxing’ button. The program will put the .ass into the movie file. You should get this window.

If you left the preferences alone, the newly created movie file will appear in the same directory as the original movie file.
And that’s it! Open the movie file in a program like MPlayer or QuickTime Player if you have Perian installed and everything should work perfectly.


5 Responses to "Soft subs tutorial [Mac]"

Hey thanks for the helpful info. ^^

Glad it helped!

By the way, does this work with VLC too??

Yep, you can play pretty much all relevant formats in VLC, though I don’t recommend it. VLC strips all styling such as color and font because it can’t support it. If you play a file with softsubs, they’ll look terrible and will possibly hang off the edges of the movie or clump together.

i hav some big scoop for shugo chara! the owner of the new shugo chara is kiran and the shugo chara is kira and surprisingly, its my name lol!!!

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